Hiring a Social Media ManagerWith technology rapidly advancing everyday, social media has become an essential tool for business. While many lawyers cringe at the thought of it, they don’t realize how beneficial it will be for their law firm. Having a website is not enough anymore. By ignoring social media, you are missing out on 60% of your potential client base. Technology is at the tips of our fingertips, and your law firm should be too!

Social networking must be done right to be effective. Since it has become so prevalent in today’s society, it requires experience and training, just as any type of management would. A social media manager can open new doors for your firm. They can implement a strong marketing strategy that will optimize your digital presence and lead to tangible results for your law firm.

So, you may ask: Why should I hire someone to “Facebook” for me?

To start, the digital world never sleeps. People are on their phones, computers, and tablets 24/7. A social media manager’s job is to be constantly engaged by frequently posting and quickly responding to followers’ questions and responses. The busy life of an attorney doesn’t have time to devote the attention it needs.

There is so much more to social media than meets the eye. A social media manager is an expert in all platforms. They know the apps that appeal to certain age groups and which are better for sharing images or links.  The science behind marketing also applies to social networking. An expert in the field is able to analyze what their followers are responding to and use that information to create posts that intrigue them.

Potential clients are online searching for attorneys; don’t let your competitors get to them first. Hiring a social media manager will create endless opportunities for your law firm. We offer comprehensive social media maintenance packages that give you all the benefits of posting, blogging, and Tweeting without the time-consuming effort on your part. Give us a call at Court Names, Inc. today at 856-470-8768 to start off your 2015 marketing campaign with a bang!