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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy that increases your website’s visibility to the millions of people who find information and services on the internet. SEO can position your firm among the top organic search results of a given query, which can dramatically increase traffic to your website and establish a web presence for your firm.

Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo seek to deliver the most relevant results for a given search. Accordingly, we focus on increasing the relevancy of our clients’ websites to someone searching for a lawyer or law firm online.

There are three core components instrumental in determining a website’s page rank success:

1) Quality Website Content — Content must reflect the relevant aspects of a law firm: practice areas, location, attorney profiles, and other helpful information.

2) Optimized Presentation of a Website’s Content — A website must be structured to allow search engines to index content easily and to improve the search engine ranking of your site; Google recommends responsive web design, serving the same HTML for all devices and using CSS to decide the rendering on each device.

3) Awareness of the Website — A website should be submitted to local services directories.
Court Names, Inc.’s combined knowledge of law and technology allows us to showcase your practice to maximize your internet presence.