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Logo Design / Branding

An identity is central to your firm’s marketing efforts. Your logo design is not just a graphic adorning your website or stationery – it’s a representation of your firm’s philosophy, your expertise and your attitude towards your clients. That’s why logo design is an important part of the overall brand building for a law firm. With Court Names, Inc.’s logo design and branding services you can get the logo you want within a few days.

Let Court Names’ logo design team help you with the right image, typeface, color, and composition. An effective lawyer logo will establish confidence in the practice while communicating to the general public that the firm is in the business of serving as a guide through the complex legal system. The logo should communicate a commitment to justice while expressing compassion, deployed through a foundation of experience in the courts. The scales of justice are a popular motif, but to set a law firm apart from the competition, a professionally designed logo will make use of more subtle cues to attract potential clients.

At Court Names, Inc. we feel a logo will highlight what is unique about a law firm. It will instill a sense of trust between lawyer and client before the first meeting. Whether a professional logo is making an introduction, or it is reassuring established clients, it will remain true to the firm’s personality. First impressions are everything. Let us help you make the best impression possible.