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Website Design

Attorney Website DesignMany law firms and attorneys have websites however just having a website does not guarantee that potential clients will find it or be able to navigate it. To be an effective marketing tool, your website needs to be visible in search results to potential clients, contain relevant information that is up-to-date, and encourage potential clients to contact you.

Court Names, Inc. designs attorney websites that combine efficient, responsive functionality with precision keyword targeting to attract clients in the practice areas and locations most important to your firm. We keep abreast of best practices in online marketing and changes in search engine algorithms so that you don’t have to.

Designing a successful website requires an understanding of several key subjects:

  • What is your typical visitor looking for?
  • Who is and is not your ideal customer?
  • What is the potential value of each customer, in both the short and long term?

The answers to these and other questions will greatly affect the design, content, and structure of your website.

Whether you are just starting your practice or want to rebrand your current firm, Court Names, Inc. has a website design solution right for any budget from a simple redesign to a complete site overhaul. Call Nick today for more information 856-470-8768.