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Law firm blogs allow attorneys to establish themselves as reliable, informative authorities on particular legal matters. Court Names, Inc. will show you how to blog effectively and efficiently, including how to find subjects for your posts, write commentary and develop a loyal audience.


  • Search Engine Optimization – All law firm blogs are search-engine-optimized for your practice and locality. The blog’s coding and architecture is search engine friendly and follows the latest technical standards.
  • Social Media Integration – Court Names provides social media tools on your blog to enable your readers to easily share your posts and commentary on the major social media sites.
  • Blog Feeds –We will feed your blog content into your website or other blog feed aggregators.
  • Content Writing Services -We encourage lawyers to write their own quality content in their own voice, and we provide coaching on content development for blogs. But for those who do not have the time to write their own quality content, we provide writing services. Our writing team will help you every step of the way, and all content is reviewed for quality and effective legal marketing.