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First-Class Lead Service

Our lead service connects attorneys with potential clients by providing timely updates on criminal, DUI and traffic violations, Notice of Defaults & Sheriff Sales for Bankruptcy & Foreclosures and more. Court Names, Inc. collects this information the moment data is available, helping attorneys contact people in need of assistance at the time they need it.

Our system lets you choose exactly what type of leads you receive; you tell us the violations and municipalities that interest you and your court selection can be updated at any time.

Custom Filters

Leads are filtered according to your preferences. These preferences include:

Violations- You can choose All Violations (only those violations that an attorney can have an impact with) or choose specific violations to exclude

Municipality- You choose as few or as many as you need throughout the state.

How Many Leads to Expect

The number of leads delivered to your inbox is up to you. You may limit the number of leads delivered to suit your budget. Limits can be set on a weekly basis.

How We Ensure Accuracy

Who doesn’t want to save money? Court Names lead addresses are compared to a USPS database to remove undeliverable entries. This ensures minimal return mail and saves thousands on postage each year. We also complete a 48 month National Change of Address (NCOA) search to make sure each entry matches the lead’s most recent address. Better still, if a person receives multiple violations, we pick only the highest priority charge to avoid sending duplicate letters.

Getting Started

Getting started with attorney direct mail marketing is easy. We will carefully guide you through selecting your target market and creating your solicitation letter call Nick today to discuss your options 856-470-8768.