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Full Service Lettershop

lettersYour office already has plenty of work to do so why add another item to your “to do” list? Our Full Service Production Mailing Services frees you and your staff to do what they do best – help defendants. We can use your prospecting letter or work with you to create a customized direct marketing message

Time is of the Essence

The timing of your marketing letter is crucial, especially with respect to criminal or traffic complaints. Court Names, Inc. has developed an incredibly efficient mailing process that allows us to get your letters in the mail the within 24 hours of an offense being filed in court combined with first-class postage.

Detailed Address Verification

Return mail is an unavoidable bi-product of any direct mail campaign and while it can never be eliminated completely, Court Names, Inc. makes every effort to minimize it. Using the latest in postal coding software our production team is able to reduce undeliverable pieces.

High Quality Materials

One of the most common concerns when beginning a direct mail program is whether or not anyone will actually open and read what you have sent them. At Court Names, Inc. we have found that choosing to upgrade to a higher quality paper can go a long way to making your mail appear more professional than your competitors’. Using color on both the envelope and letter will also make a big difference with respect to open rates. The features may add a minimal extra cost to each letter, but the benefits are well worth the extra expense. Call Nick to discuss available upgrades.

The Process

After selecting your target area and budget we will help you design a custom letter and envelope, from there, names will be delivered daily (including Saturday) and our Production department will:

  • Print your marketing piece on your chosen paper
  • Fold your marketing piece
  • Insert and seal your marketing piece into your custom envelopes
  • Apply first class postage to your marketing piece
  • Deliver your marketing piece to the post office

All you have to do is sit back and answer the phones. Call Nick today to discuss our full service lettershop’s paper and printing options 856-470-8768.