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Direct Mail Marketing

There is no better Synergy than placing your message in the hands of those defendants in need of assistance at the time they need it.  Your letter is delivered to a defendant in a timely fashion allowing them to consult and retain your services well before their court date.  Why would any person contact you from the yellow pages when they are holding directed letters from attorneys interested in helping them with their current legal matter?

What To Expect

Court Name’s direct mail service features simple pricing and daily delivery of all records that are mailed or acquired that day.  Within the first 2 weeks you will start to see results from the letters arriving and by week 4 you will start to see consistency with regard to the incoming call volume based on the number of letters mailed.  Weeks 5-8 generate consistent results as your “pipeline” is filled with letters that have been mailed and letters that are mailing.  By the end of week 8 you should see a 2-5 X return on investment depending on the state in which you market in.  That means for every $1 invested in direct mail marketing you should generate $2 to $5 in fees.  Some attorneys generate higher returns but 2-5 X ROI is the average across all states.

Options Include:direct mail marketing

  • Inserting brochures
  • Color printing of letters regardless of how much color
  • Optional second page insert
  • Optional text on envelope flap
  • Upgrade to bonded paper
  • Upgrade to #9 window with hand stamp
  • Upgrade to pressure seal forms

First Impressions Matter

Make yours count with our optional envelope design service. Collaborate with our team to create your ideal envelope. Services include:

  • #10 or #9 window envelope with black and white or color printed letter
  • Graphics that POP
  • Your logo printed on the envelope in black and white or COLOR
  • Additional verbiage on the outside envelope available and updated as needed
  • These additional features catch customers’ attention and improves the rate at which they open the envelopes to see what’s inside.

Getting Started with Direct Mail?

If you’ve never used direct mail to market your law practice then you may have questions about how to start a campaign, the ethics of direct mail marketing, how the mailing process works and expected results. Have no fear, Court Names, Inc. can simplify the process.

How to Get Started

Beginning a direct mail campaign is simple 3-step process:

  1. Select your preferred jurisdictions and case types
Our custom filtering allows you to target the particular case types and jurisdictions that interest you. Call Mark today to see volume specific to a court or violation.
  2. Letter Template Creation
    If you already have a letter that has been successful in the past we can use your pre-existing template for your campaign, or Court Names will work with you on the design and content creation of your direct mail letter template(s). We have extensive experience creating engaging letter designs that allow your mailers to stand out from any competition. There are no-set up fees for this process and you are free to make as many edits to the letter templates as you’d like at no additional charge.
  3. Ethical Review
    While most states follow the ABA Model Rules regarding direct mail marketing, there are several jurisdictions that have adopted more rigorous rules through individual state Rules of Professional Conduct. For example, some states require that a copy of each letter template be approved by the Office of Lawyer Regulation, or a similar governing body, prior to campaign commencement. Other states require that a comprehensive list of all individuals who have received a direct mail solicitation be kept on file for three years. At Court Names we make every effort to comply with the ethical requirements of attorney direct mail marketing. Give us a call, we’d be glad to discuss the requirements of your state as well as direct mail best practices.

It’s that simple. We can usually start a campaign within one week of sign-up and you’ll be receiving calls from defendants in no time. Contact us today at 856-470-8768 and get your letter in the hands of those who need your help!