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Flexible Contracts

At Court Names, Inc. we employ a partnership mentality- what this means is only if you succeed will we. We have flexible contracts with reasonable terms and an option to end our relationship at with seven days notice if you so choose. We are confident that you will be pleased with our service and continue our “partnership” for years to come.

Direct Mail Marketing:

Once you make the decision to begin a direct mail marketing campaign we do recommend an eight (8) week commitment. Eight weeks is generally enough time to build a “pipeline” or inflow of calls as most defendants wait until the last minute to retain counsel. We do require seven days notification of cancellation to ensure proper invoicing.

Digital Marketing:

When Court Names, Inc. builds or redesigns your website, you are the owner, if at any point you decide to discontinue using our services you will be given the appropriate backend access. Social media management services can be stopped at any time by requesting login credentials; you would then take over the process of updating all of your social media profiles and the monthly maintenance fee would cease.