google pigeon update…and What It Means For You!

Google algorithms are the driving force behind where your website shows up in a search result.  At Court Names, Inc. we know how important SEO is for your ROI, so we wanted to let you in on the latest algorithm update from Google which was code named Pigeon.  In short, the update was meant to provide users with more accurate and pertinent local search results by enhancing location and distance ranking parameters.

What that means is that if your firm has a Google Business Page and your physical address appears on every page of your website, it’s possible that you have made it through the commotion of this update without too much disturbance.  On the flip side, others have noticed that their search results have dropped down significantly.

Looking into the algorithm change little further, we can see that while Google emphasized aligning geographical indicators, back-links (external links that lead to your firm’s website) were also rewarded.

Based on that, it all boils down to eight basic things:

  1. Ensure that the physical address of your firm is on each page of your website.
  2. Create a great local-focused content strategy
  3. Utilize traditional on-page SEO tactics
  4. If you haven’t created a Google Business page, it’s time to do it.
  5. Get listings in directories like Yelp (especially now that there is a boost for directory listings)
  6. If you don’t have a back-linking strategy, you should consider one. This means identifying useful online resources or companies your firm has a relationship with and requesting they add a link for you on their website. Another avenue would be alternatively pursuing blog writing opportunities for them with a link back to you website.
  7. Continue to be an engaged social media presence
  8. Manage your listings well

A final point to keep in mind: given Google Panda — yet another algorithm update — critically penalized businesses that had spam-like back-links, check out your own.  Do a search to see what back-links are currently associated with your website.  There are several free tools out on the web that can do this for you.  If you find some that don’t seem right, request removal.  It may prevent you from being sand-boxed.  Not sure where to even begin?  Give us at Court Names Inc. a call at 856-470-8768 to find out what we can do for you.