How to Create a Winning Direct Mail CampaignFor the past ten years, Court Names, Inc. has been at the forefront of providing top of the line direct mail services to our clients.  Because of its reasonable cost and targetability, direct mail is the ammunition of choice for many attorneys. One of the things that make this such a great marketing strategy is that you can reach out to people known to need your services.

The standard direct-mail campaign usually consists of three elements: the list, an envelope, and the sales letter (we’ll discuss the list in a later article).

Envelopes are self explanatory, but why not to use it to start the sales process early?  Use the face of the mail piece to entice prospective clients to open it, calls to action include:

  1. “[#] years of legal services in [your state/area]”
  2. “Free consultation, call now!”
  3. “Don’t be a victim—fight back!”
  4. ”Time-sensitive material enclosed.”
  5. “Open immediately!”

Sales Letter
The majority of direct-mail campaigns simply consist of nothing more than the sales letter itself—and if it is well crafted, that’s all you need to pitch your services to prospective clients.

Here are basic principles that make up all good sales letters:

  1. Write person-to-person. This means “I” am writing to “you.” Think of a sales letter as a one-on-one advertising opportunity. Let’s say the prospective client has opened your envelope.  You only have their attention for a few moments, so you need to make it good.  Write it as if you were explaining your services to a friend—avoid stiff, formal language and don’t be afraid to use contractions like “don’t,” “isn’t” and “it’s”: This is how we talk, and it’s the way your letter should sound. This will make you seem more approachable and personable to your prospective clients.
  2. Make your first paragraph your best. No matter how great your letter is, people are busy and you can’t guarantee that your prospects will read it in its entirety. It’s highly suggested that you address the precise problem to which your service is the solution (i.e. if your client was charged with a DUI, the letter should specifically state what you can do for them in that regard).  Include why they need your services and what makes you the best choice for the job.
  3. Use boxes, bold type, subheads, and bullets.You don’t want your sales letter look like an encyclopedia article. Your readers will scan the letter quickly and decide in the first few seconds whether it’s worth reading. You want your message to get across even with just a cursory glance.
  4. Keep your letter short.Make it short, sweet, and to the point: one page is best—especially if you’re including other material in your package.  Never go over two pages.
  5. Make an offer.You’re actively selling, not just providing information. Because of this, you need to provide reasoning for sending your letter. There is something special about your services.  Offering an extra enticement is meant to make prospective clients choose your services right then and there.  This could be something as simple as a “Free consultation if you call now” or “$100 off fees if you respond by a certain date”.
  6. Repeat the offer.Present the offer at least twice in your letter, at the opening and at the close.
  7. Add a sense of urgency.Give your potential clients a reason to reply immediately. Chances are if you don’tconvince themto act while they are still holding your mailing piece, it’s highly likelythat they will never respond.  Consider adding a deadline for response or even a double offer for those who respond quickly.

So there you have it. Using these techniques to craft a dynamic letter and sales presentation will make your direct-mail campaign more successful. Did you know that by using this marketing technique, you can potentially increase your ROI 3-5 times the dollar amount you’ve put into it?  Interested but don’t know where to start? Give us a call at Court Names, Inc. 856-470-8768 and let us help you increase your firm’s profitability and client base! With our fully operational lettershop, we have the supplies to energize your direct-mail campaign.